KAAD International Scholarship In Germany 2023-2024

KAAD Scholarship, the Catholic Academic Foreign Service (KAAD), is looking for highly qualified applicants who wish to enroll in a master’s or doctoral course in Germany. This scholarship is a fully funded opportunity and is highly competitive.

Moreover, KAAD is a German Catholic Church scholarship institution for doctoral students and scientists from (developing) countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South-Eastern Europe.

About KAAD Scholarship

  • Scholarship Sponsor(s): KAAD, Germany
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded
  • Host Universities: Universities in Germany
  • Scholarship Worth: Fully-funded
  • Number of Awards: Several
  • Study Level: Masters & PhD
  • Deadline: 30th June 2023.

KAAD Scholarship benefits

Selected applicants for Catholic KAAD Germany Scholarships for Christians will be supported with the following:

  • KAAD in visa modalities.
  • Return airfare to Germany will be paid for, and language training will be provided.
  • The program is fully sponsored and covers other expenses for scientists to devote themselves to research and research.
  • Health Coverage.

KAAD Scholarship Categories

  • KAAD Category 1:

Postgraduate students, international students with work experience, and international students interested in doctoral programs in Germany are eligible for KAAD Category 1 scholarships. University professors and church leaders work for the regional partner committees that oversee the program’s administration. The committee of the candidate’s country of origin typically receives documentation.

  • KAAD Category 2:

A KAAD scholarship type called KAAD Scholarship Type 2 is intended to encourage advanced foreign students from different developing nations who are already enrolled in German colleges. Nominations for scholarships must come from the relevant campus ministry.

  • KAAD Eastern Europe Scholarship Program:

The KAAD Eastern Europe Fellowship Program is administered by regional partner committees, mainly focusing on research or short-term study in Germany. Furthermore, we expect applicants to reside in their home country when applying to KAAD through the Regional Partnership Committee.

Qualifications for KAAD Scholarship 2023-2024

 Apply for KAAD Scholarship Category 1 if you meet the following criteria:
  • You are from and currently live in a developing or emerging country in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, or Latin America.
  • You have a university degree and professional experience in your home country.
  • You must have a master’s or doctoral degree from a German university or carry out a postdoctoral research project at a German university.
  • Applicants must be Catholic.
  • Candidates from other religions can apply if they can demonstrate a commitment to interreligious dialogue and German language skills with the support of a Catholic partner before starting their studies.
You can apply for a KAAD Category 2 scholarship if you meet the eligibility requirements below:
  • Be from a developing or emerging country in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, or Latin America.
  • You must be studying at a German university, and have studied for at least ten months.
  • You want to get a master’s or doctorate at any German university.
  • Besides, you must be Catholic or Christian; applicants from other religions can apply if approved by their Catholic partners, and you will need to show proof of your commitment.
    You must have German skills.
You can also apply for the Eastern European program if you:
  • Be an applicant from a country in the Middle East and Southeast Europe, a country in Caucasia or Central Asia.
  • Have a good level of German.
  • Candidates from other religions may apply if nominated by their Catholic partners and can demonstrate a commitment to interreligious dialogue.

Also, make sure you meet this requirement :

  • They must have a university degree and work experience in the host country.
  • Applicant must have a GGPA above 3.0 or a B or higher grade.
  • Candidates applying for the master’s program must not be over 30 years old.
  • Candidates applying for a doctoral program must not be older than 35.

Document Requirements for KAAD Scholarship Application 2023-2024

To complete the KAAD Scholarship Application, you will need the following documents:

  • A complete set of academic certificates and diplomas.
  • Scholarship application resume.
  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • Scholarship resume and cover letter.
  • A study plan ensures that you are a regular and scheduled student—letter of recommendation.
  • A motivational letter explaining why the KAAD scholarship will accept your application.
  • Intended use.
  • Letter of intent.
  • You can also apply for the CSC Government Scholarship 2023, fully funded.

KAAD Scholarship Application Process

  • The first application is sent to the KAAD office by filling out the KAAD scholarship application form. The questionnaire will first be sent to interested parties.
  • Applicants can email their application or contact their country’s Partner Committee for more details on the two-step application process.
  • Foreign applicants must usually meet specific requirements for studying English or another language.
  • Make sure you attach all the required documents needed.
  • Visit this webpage to apply directly.

Selection Process For KAAD Scholarship

Scholarships at KAAD are only open to people from developing countries. Students should consider the following as selection criteria:

  • At KAAD, priority is given to Catholic applicants.
  • A limited number of Protestant, Orthodox, and Muslim Christians receive this scholarship.
  • Only in sporadic cases are Catholic priests and monks eligible.
  • Once applicants have submitted their application, their application will be processed by an Independent Selection Panel.


The Catholic Academic and Diplomatic Service (KAAD), which offers the KAAD Scholarship, seeks exceptionally talented candidates who want to enroll in a Masters’s or Ph.D. program in Germany.
For Ph.D. candidates and researchers from (developing) nations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South-Eastern Europe, the German Catholic Church offers the KAAD scholarship program.
Regional partner organizations run the KAAD Eastern Europe Scholarship Program and primarily target short-term studies in Germany.
The candidate is anticThe candidate is anticipated towhile submitting an application to her KAAD via the Regional Partnership Board.
You must be a Christian or a Catholic. Furthermore, applicants from other religions are welcome to apply with the approval of their Catholic counterparts and must present documentation of their adherence.
Applicant from a nation in the Middle East, Southeastee Europe, the Caucasus, or Central Asia.
Candidates from other religions are welcome to apply if their Catholic peers suggest them and can show a dedication to interreligious conversation. For foreign applicants to be eligible to study English or another language, they typically need to fulfill several conditions.
Process of Selection for KAAD Scholarships The sole recipients of KAAD scholarships must be citizens of developing nations. In addition, the following items should be taken into account by students while making decisions:
The KAAD offers Catholic applicants preference.

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