British Chevening Scholarships  In UK For Maters Degrees Program for International Students| Fully Funded

British Chevening Scholarship is for international students who desire to study abroad but have no financial support.British-Chevening-Scholarship in-UK-for-maters-degrees-program

About British Chevening Scholarship

Applicants who wish to apply for British Chevening Scholarship 2023 in the United Kingdom should quickly go and apply now for the scholarship online. All International Students from Chevening-eligible countries are eligible to apply for Chevening Scholarship 2023. Students from 160 countries who want to chase their Masters’ Degree in the UK are inspired to apply for the British Chevening Scholarship. This is one of the most reputable Award scholarships that students get from the UK government. Fully Funded Scholarships are available for the educational terms of 2023/24.

Almost all study fields and majors are available under Chevening Scholarship to undertake postgraduate degrees. The scholarship will cover all the costs of the student who wants to study abroad. International Students have the opportunity to study in UK top universities for free now so students should endeavor and apply for the British Chevening scholarships online now.

These are scholarships that accord excellent to office workers all over the world to get a chance to chase a one-year master’s degree in any course at any UK university.

British Chevening Scholarship offers future leaders the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom.

British Chevening Scholarship Summary

  • Sponsor: UK Government.
  • Scholarship Level: Masters level.
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded.
  • Qualify Countries: International Countries.
  • Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Deadline: 1 November 2023.

About The Host Country

The United Kingdom is a constitutional Monarchy and as well a parliamentary type of government. The capital and largest city are London, it is a global city and financial center with a metropolitan area population of over 14 million.

The United Kingdom has the sixth-largest economy in the world by Gross Nominal Product (GDP), and it is ranked eighth by purchasing power parity. The UK, which is ranked 18th in the world, has a high-income economy with a very high Human Development Index. Additionally, it has served on the United Nations Security Council continuously since its founding in 1946.

English is the official language of the United Kingdom.

The present monarch of the United Kingdom is Charles III who is the current King of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth Nations. He was made king of the United Kingdom and entered the throne on September 2022 upon the death of his mother, Elizabeth II.

King Charles lll was the longest-serving heir apparent in British history and, at the age of 73, is the oldest person to ascend the British throne.

King Charles ll was born on November 14, 1948 (age 73) at Buckingham Palace in London, United Kingdom. He has two sons, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and William, Prince of Wales. In addition, King Charles ll is the founder of the Prince Trust and the Royal Drawing School.

British Chevening Scholarship Coverage

The British Chevening Scholarship for international students in the UK is a fully free Scholarship for students who want to study in the UK.

Here below are the benefits of the British Chevening Scholarship:

  • The Tuition Fees of the students will be paid till the end of the scholarship.
  • The Scholarship will take care of the student’s air travel expenses from their hometown to the Scholarship
    country and institution.
  • Students will be paid a monthly allowance.
  • Students will be examined for Adequate health purposes when required.

Qualification For British Chevening Scholarship

Here below are the eligibility to get into the British Chevening Scholarship for international students in the UK:

  • Applicants must be citizens of one of the Scholarship-eligible countries.
  • After completing their degree, applicants must return to their home country within two years.
  • Candidates must hold a postgraduate degree.
  • You must have a letter of acceptance from the university you wish to attend.
  • Candidates must also have at least two years of work experience.

Criteria For  British Chevening Scholarship

Here are some of the requirements you need to get into the UK British Chevening Scholarship:

  • International students are qualified only.
  • Meet the English language Proficiency requirement.
  • A letter of Motive.
  • A proof that you are qualified to study in the UK (A letter from the Institution you going to study at).
  • Educational Certificates and documents.
  • Work documents for at least two years.
  • Travel Documents.

Besides Scholars are to go back to their home country (After two years that the scholarship might have ended) if the scholarship is over. Moreover, they are no age limit for the British Chevening Scholarship in the UK all international students are eligible to apply.

Most Popular Courses In the UK For Foreigners
  • Business Studies or Management.
  • Accounting and Finance.
  • Undergraduate Law.
  • Economics.
  • Art & Design.
  • Computer Science.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Politics.
  • Finance.


A Visa is a stamp attached to a valid passport that gives it the authority to permit the holder to travel from his or her country to any country authorized by the Visa. They are Four types of Visas:

  • Tourist visa.
  • Work Visa.
  • Immigrant Visa.
  • Students Visa.

What UK Visa?

UK Visa is a document issued by the UK government that allows one to fly from his home country to the United Kingdom to come there to study, work, have fun, or leave permanently in the UK. You must be up to eligible years of age for you to qualify for any type of Visa in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, the are types of UK Visas below:

  • Work Visa

This is a visa that permits individuals to come into the UK For employment.

  • Business Visa

This visa authorizes the holder to enter the United Kingdom for Business purposes.

  • Study Visa

A study visa is issued to students alone by the UK embassy it grants students the ability to travel from their home country to the United Kingdom for study. In addition, international students who get a scholarship for study in the UK cannot do so without a study visa that will allow them to fly from their home country to the UK. Moreover, you can Apply For a student visa in the UK you must be up to 16th years and above.

Requirements For A Study Visa In the UK

  • A valid ATAS certificate if your course and nationality require it.
  • A proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you’re under 18.
  • Apply for a UK student visa Application form.
  • A proof of your relationship to your parent or guardian if you’re under 18.
  • A letter from any university in the United Kingdom.
  • A valid passport.
    Check out other scholarships and apply as well  Toronto University Scholarship In Canada.

If you’re under 18

  • your visa application.
  • your living and care arrangements in the UK.
  • your travel to the UK.

What is The Difference Between A UK Study Permit And Study Visa?

A Student Visa is the authorization to enter a country to study as a student. Besides,  even if you have a student visa, the officer at the border has the authority to deny you entry into the country. But if you with a study permit you will not be denied entry into the UK. A Study Permit gives you the authority to stay in the country and study.

  • Visitor Visa

A visa issued by the UK Government to citizens that enables them to come into the United Kingdom for short-term business meetings, medical treatments, and others.

  • Family Visa

A family visa is a document issued for family reconciliation purposes in the United Kingdom. Usually, for one to be eligible to obtain a family visa, you need to have a family relative in the United Kingdom i.e. a partner, parent, sibling, or an adept who wants to join the parents.

  • Settlement Visa

This Visa gives the holder the right to live, work and study in the United Kingdom for as long as he or she wishes, and as well can apply for benefits if he or she is qualify. Besides, a Settlement visa can be used to apply for British citizenship.

  • Transit Visa

Transit visas are nonimmigrant visas for individuals traveling to immediate and continuous transit through the United Kingdom en route to another country, with few exceptions.

Eligibility Criteria For A UK Visa

  • UK visa application form.
  • Two photographs.
  • Your original Passport.
  • Evidence that you have the financial means to sustain your costs of living while in the UK.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Travel guide books.
  • Tuberculosis Test Results.
  • Biometric information.
  • Most be up to the required age.

How to Apply For British Chevening Scholarship

These are some of the steps to follow below for you to apply directly to the British Chevening Scholarship to avoid misleading:

  • Go Online with your mobile phone or laptop, or computer.
  • Make a research about the Chevening Scholarships.
  • create an account.
  • Then Apply for the British Chevening scholarship online.
  • Apply for the English language Proficiency Test.
  • Go through the application form and attach the whole requirements.
  • Submit the application form and wait for the response from the scholarship.
  • If you get a Yes Good luck to you.
  • Click on the apply button below to apply directly for the British Chevening Scholarship in the UK.


The deadline for the British Chevening Scholarship in the UK for master’s degree students is on the 1st of November. Furthermore, students should apply now and submit before the deadline date for the scholarship.


  • How do I submit an application to the British Chevening Scholarship?

All Chevening applications must be submitted through our online application system (OAS).

  • Do I need A CV for British Chevening Scholarship?

Applicants can transfer either their degree certificate or degree transcript, as long as it is an official document from your institution that proves their degrees and grades. Besides, the Chevening scholarship requires the original documents which do not need to be transcribed into the English Language.

  • Does Chevening offer scholarship for undergraduate students?

Can I apply for a Chevening Scholarship to study for an undergraduate degree, Ph.D., or DPhil? The answer is No. Chevening Scholarships are available for taught master’s degrees only.

  • Does Chevening have Any age limit?

The answer is No. There is no upper age limit to qualify for a Chevening Award.


For individuals who like to study in the United Kingdom for their master’s degree, I think that the UK government has made it easier for you. Therefore, students should go and obtain the application form online and fill and submit it before the deadline for the British Chevening Scholarship for International students.

Furthermore, You need a study permit for you to be allowed to enter the UK by the border officers. Besides study permit is a piece of evidence showing you are eligible to study in the UK.

Make sure to make important research about the host country you going to study in and the institution as well before applying and also submit the application form before the deadline.

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